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February 26, 2021 2 min read

When you enter any well-appointed home, there’s one thing that you’ll notice that they all have in common. Every room has candles as part of their décor. It’s true. Watch any tv show or movie, browse your favorite design magazine, or go on a home tour. Every home has candles. Why is this? Candles seem to add that finishing touch, that little something special. And they go with any style of decorating.

What are the reasons that it seems everyone is decorating with candles, though? Here are a few reasons why candles are such a popular trend in home décor.


Candlelight is one of the best ways to create an ambiance in your home. The soft, glowing light helps people to relax.


Decorating with candles isn’t just for looks. Scented candles are commonly used as a mild air freshener. It’s not that your house necessarily smells per se, it’s just that the air gets stale, and you get used to it. Lighting a candle can help change the aroma, and freshen your environment. Depending upon the scent, it can also help set the mood. A sugar cookie scented candle creates a very different feel than a fresh linen scented one does.


The right candle, in the right packaging, can really give your home décor a little boost. Scented pillar candles on a display can be great, as can jar candles. But a candle in a beautiful, heavy glass vessel with an elegant matching lid, like these from Flame and Luxe, seems to bump the sophistication level another notch or two.


Many people find candles relaxing. They cluster several in their bathroom and take a long, luxurious bath, or light a couple of candles in their bedroom while reading. Just be sure not to leave candles burning while unattended.


Flame and Luxe candles are a luxury candle brand that is affordably price and within the reach of most people. Using beautifully designed glass vessels, leads to a certain aura and sophistication. While there’s certainly a place for coloured candles, and decorative jars, sometimes the clean simplicity speaks volumes.

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